Call for Papers

Background and aim of LTHT

Language technologies have advanced greatly for the past several decades, and are being incorporated into many aspects of communication activities and in human society. In the area of translation, the use of translation memories is now a sine qua non for commercial translation services. Also, machine translation (MT) is incorporated into the human translation process and post-editing of MT outputs (PEMT) is an established practice, at least for some language pairs. Outside the translation industries, a growing number of people are taking advantage of online MT systems to access content on the network provided in languages the command of which they do not have.

With the advancement of language technologies, including the enhanced MT quality and related multilingual processing, the use of language technologies in human translation or multilingual communication is expected to continue with accelerated impetus.

There are, however, many issues that should be addressed for the potential of language technologies such as MT to be fully exploited in human translation activities. Below are some of the issues widely recognized in NLP researchers, translation researchers, translators, and/or translation industries:

These issues inevitably lead us to the reflection and reconsideration of various aspects of human translation activities, e.g.,

The consideration of human-related factors in turn leads us to the contemplation of the potential of language technologies from wider perspective and enables us to examine the possible use of wider range of language technologies that are not limited to MT and multilingual processing.

The aim of the workshop on "Language Technologies and Human Translation" is to bring together NLP researchers, industry users of MT technologies, practitioners in LSPs, translation researchers, and translators to discuss issues related to language technologies and its real and potential impact on human translation and translation industries.

Topic of interest

We invite original papers on the following topics, but also welcome other related ideas.

The workshop submissions are open to wide range of researchers and practitioners with different backgrounds and approaches, for instance, NLP researchers, MT developers, translation researchers, translators, LSP managers, etc. We emphasize to bring together researchers and practitioners with different backgrounds at this workshop.

Important dates